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PhoneSoap Charger is a UV sanitizer/universal charger for smartphones and other small USB-powered devices. You might not think so, but our phones are filthy, covered in up to 500 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. PhoneSoap is a simple, effective way to clean your phone. Just place it in the box, close the lid to automatically activate the UV lamps, and bathe your phone in pure, sanitizing, UV-C light – it's completely clean in just five (5) minutes – all while charging your phone through the included USB port (just use the USB cable that came with your phone).


We use our phones more than ever, meaning they go everywhere we go, and touch the same germs our hands do. Plus, our phones are always on and always warm, making them an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Forget soap, heat, or chemicals that may not even remove all bacteria, PhoneSoap is the safest and most effective way to sanitize your device. TOP FEATURES
  • UV sanitization that cleans in 5 minutes – the safest way to clean your devices
  • Universal USB charger to charge any device
  • Acoustic audio out so that you can hear your notifications while it is inside


"PhoneSoap does its cleaning using UV-C light. UV-C is a type of ultraviolet light that's used in hospitals, and penetrates the cell walls of bacteria, disrupting its DNA and effectively killing it." - Mashable "A recent study by 11mark found that 75 percent of Americans use their smartphone while on the toilet... Simply put, our phones are dirty. And the creators of PhoneSoap wants to put a stop to it." - Huffington Post "The PhoneSoap works with any phone, not just the iPhone. This is great news because it’s a fact that Android owners almost never wash themselves. The box uses your own Lightning cable to provide the hookup, and you just plug it in and let your iPhone bathe in cleansing UV rays as it charges on your nightstand." - Cult of Mac "It all started while his cousin and co-founder, LaPorte, was in his cancer research lab at college. 'He realized he was surrounded by the answer,' wrote co-founder Barnes. 'In his lab they used UV-C light for sanitization. We realized this would be the fastest, most powerful way to kill any virus, germs and bacteria living on electronic devices.' - NPR


  • Charges anything with a USB charger port, it cleans anything that fits inside


  • Inner Dimensions: 153mm (length) x 95mm (width) x 20mm (height)
  • Outer Dimensions: 195mm (length) x 127mm (width) X 44.8mm (height)


  • One (1) PhoneSoap UV sanitizer - Black
  • Standard 2-prong US wall plug
  • 5V USB port
  • Micro USB cord ships with the device (Apple users just need to unplug this micro USB cord and plug in their own Apple cable into the port to charge iPhones)


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